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We create Santa Maria BBQ with the following commitment:


If you are thirsty we have drink, If you are hungry we have food, If you are lonely we have family.

You are welcome.

Designed in our owners commitment that this world will one day be a place where children don't want, people don't die for dirt and suicide is no longer a self expression. We strive to work with organizations that make those kinds of impact in the world. We are proud to partner with the below Organizations to create Those world.


15% of all sales on September 27 will be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Our gift Cards contribute 10% percent of purchases ongoingly to bring creative thinking back to our kids. Purchase now

We offer workshops Check our blogs for dates and sign ups

Ronald mcdonald house logo

Home Away from Home

Since opening in 1989, the Orange County Ronald McDonald House has provided comfort, care and support to children and families in Southern California. Our hope is to create a community where children and their families embrace life and healing with a sense of hope, enthusiasm, courage and joy by keeping families close to each other and the care they need.

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