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To Santa Maria Barbecue customers and our neighbors;

We want you to know we take the safety and health of our community and our guests (as well as our team members) very seriously. Due to the recent news around the coronavirus we want to let you know the steps that we're taking to prioritize and ensure the safety in this time of concern.

We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing, we are rigorously cleaning and sanitizing all workstations countertops doorknobs, restrooms, tabletops as well as all other frequently contacted services with increased regularity. Menus and tabletop are thoroughly cleaned after each use and there are additional cleaning and sanitizing being conducted in the high-volume areas.

We are taken on additional precautions with hand sanitation. Team members: are instructed to wash their hands a min of 20 seconds in every 30 minutes. As well as after touching their faces. They are always to wear gloves particularly anytime interacting with customers or community members. We are also using hand sanitizers to ensure every precaution is being taken.

You and your family and those who have been affected are in our thoughts. As of right now none of our team members or customers have contracted the virus but we will continue to implement guidelines and instructions to all team members as given by the CDC. Any Team member who may develop symptoms or come in contact with infected individuals will be instructed to stay home and follow the CDC's instructions.

In our attempt to be a good community member, we're thankful to have our partners Postmates. Postmates is now allowing us to deliver food with no contact. If you wish food delivered to your location, you can have the food delivered and left at your doorstep rather than having to interact with an individual. We are working with Postmates to bring down the delivery rates.

We're thankful for being your community barbecue restaurant we look forward to continuing to serve your BBQ needs!

The Santa Maria BBQ Team

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