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What are the Four Types of BBq

The four main types of BBQ are North Carolina, Kansas City, Texas, and Memphis. North Carolina BBQ is known for its vinegar-based sauce and pork shoulder. Kansas City BBQ is famous for its sweet, tomato-based sauce, and racks of ribs. Texas BBQ is known for its beef brisket and bold seasonings. And Memphis BBQ is famous for its pulled pork and dry rub.

But the missing one in all the lists is Santa Maria BBQ: Santa Maria BBQ is a unique style of barbecue that originated in the Santa Maria Valley in California. It is known for its use of tri-tip sirloin, which is cooked over an open flame usually fueled by red oak. Santa Maria BBQ is often served with pinquito beans, salsa, and garlic bread. The difference between Santa Maria BBQ and other barbecue styles is the type of meat used and the cooking method. The tri-tip sirloin lends itself to a unique flavor not found in other barbecued meats, and the open-flame cooking method produces a smoky flavor unique to Santa Maria BBQ.


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